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Chet McDaniel
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Art can express how you feel and what you feel, it can also show you how to feel. Thoughts feelings and emotions can be expressed through Art. I have chosen Guitars for the passion I once had. As a Guitar  player for more than 30 years. Now a crippling disease has taken over hands and feet. As I can no longer play so now I put the passion of music in the paintings.


Beginning in 1983 in the 3rd grade I entered a Art contest with the Louisiana State Fair. I drew a 11×17 Pelican in pencil and won. My Art was in display in the Louisiana State Museum in Shreveport Louisiana for more than 2 years. At that moment I new art was in my blood.

Durning this time at a young age I would draw and paint cartoon characters. Also create my own.
The Private School I Attended asked me to draw all the Art work for the school.
I never had any formal Art class of any kind.

I would build things from what was around the House and use what paint we had to bring “life” to the object.

I love to build, create, paint and draw

In 1989 I began playing guitar oh the passion began, I also began building  and painting  my own guitar for my playing style.  I could  not read any music but play by ear only. I was stubborn and wanted quickly  to learn and and all music.  I felt the music as it warmed my soul. As I played I could close my eyes and the world around would disappear. Art does the same now.


In 2011 my wife and I became published authors of the “Ted and Raymond series” children books I am the illustrator. African Safari with Ted And Raymond was Endorsed by Kristen Davis with “Sex and the City” in 2013.

2014 “Strategies for living” Television interview

Dr. David McMillan

2018 I began paintings a few pieces.

2020 My Art work Hangs on the walls of ” The loony Bin”  Comedy Club in Little Rock Arkansas.

2020 My paintings have come from my love of music and the love of guitars.

Hoping to Bless and inspire Everyone to do greatness….


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