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Casey Amber Williamson
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When we recall events in our lives, the emotions linked to those memories leave just as much of an impression as what actually, tangibly happened to cause them, if not more so. When we frame a photo, we create a physical reminder of a specific moment in time, and the specific feelings that it stirs within. You can’t literally contain an emotion between glass panes and a frame, but when you take a memory and set it aside to keep forever, the emotion therein will follow.

This is what drives me to create as I do; instead of photographing particular moments in time that I associate with specific moods and feelings, I seek to translate those emotions directly from paint to glass pane to frame through the use of impressionism as reminders of specific memories and the specific ways that I felt experiencing them. The texture, coloring and framing of each piece is just as vital to the overall presentation as the actual contents of the paintings themselves, and together they offer a small glimpse into a dreamlike past.


Critical Mass 9 Participant (2021)

CenturyLink CenterFreelance graphic design (2018) 

Weddings with Style International MagazineGraphic design intern (2018)

SALT CafeGraphic design intern (2017) 

Shreveport AquariumGraphic design intern (2017)


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