Melvin Lars


A special message to all of my readers, especially; the young and impressionable!
My medical records begin like this:
The patient is an extremely muscular, well-built, 37-year-old man in minimal distress. He is diag-nosed with Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia. Otherwise, he is in excellent health.
There is no doubt in my mind that it was the grace of God that saved me from what doctors thought was certain death!
Their optimism grew because of the love that I had for the temple that the Lord had given to me.
I did not defile it with, legal nor illegal drugs of any kind; no cigarettes, no steroids, no alcohol, no tobacco, no “powders” from the health food store or any other store.
1. Why is this significant, glad you asked, I will quote two of them for you.
“Wow…, Mr. Lars, after running all kinds of test and looking under the microscope and observing other physical aspects of your body; you have the insides of a sixteen-year-old.”
2. “Unfortunately; for many patients that we see, we have to get their bodies prepared to withstand such radical and invasive treatments.
They have abused their bodies with alcohol, drugs, tobacco and other substances.
Because you have taken excellent care of your body, it is more likely that you will respond favorably to the treatments”.
Preserve your temple…! Treat it right and it well serve you well!
God’s Grace and Mercy inspired me to pen “Dying on My Feet; My Journey Times Two”
Ψ We start to die from the moment that we are born!
Most individuals would say that I had it all. The picture of health, a better than average (Golden Gloves heavyweight boxing champion at 17, and a possible NFL star in the making) athlete, a student with better than average academic potential and a loving, caring, mother; coupled with great mentors and role-models.
God’s blessings allowed me to have been a highly successful, teacher, motivator, football, basketball, and track coach and school administrator.