She placed her picture in my piggy bank while I was in the next room

I can just see the smile grow on her face as she walks away

For her, a piggy bank is much more than just a place to store money

It’s a place to keep all sorts of things safe

Rubber bands, hair barrettes, beads, and anything else small enough to fit

For her, it is even a toy, a friend that is to be named

Something held close in arms

Something held close to heart

It’s amazing how her love is so strong that it breathes life into nonliving things

Her name is Faith

A name so befitting that it’s almost scary

But lately she’s become fascinated with the name Lula

One of the meanings of the name Lula is abundance

A trait so characteristic of her faith and love

So when I saw the photo I made her a promise

To forever hold her close in my arms

Forever close to my heart

To do everything in my power to keep her safe

And to lay hammer to anyone or anything that tries to break her

Faith placed her picture in Lula while I was in the next room

To me, she was asking to be kept close and safe

I held the photo close

Then placed it back into the piggy bank