Love the show.
It may be make believe-
Isn't that an interesting term,
Make believe-
You may have to pretend
To feel a way that you don't,
But don't you do that every day?
At least on stage it serves
Some purpose.
On stage, you pretend,
So that others may feel more
Comfortable in their own skin,
You own emotions,
And demonstrate them
So that others are not ashamed
To feel,
To hurt,
To love.
The show is a microcosm of life.
A lot of practicing,
Pain, frustration,
Feeling that you are
Repeating the same thing,
Getting nowhere,
Until the curtain opens,
The lights blind you from your audience,
Nothing exists but
The joyful explosion of that moment,
The countless hours of rehearsal
Culminating in a beautiful
Feeling of community,
Of timelessness,
Of purpose.
Living within
The boundless wonders of creation,
Your illusion of suffering gone,
Suddenly it makes sense,
Without thinking,
No boundaries,
Just connection,
Just love.

Why is no one clapping?