Love for sale
At a discounted price.
It's slightly used,
But still very nice.
Try it out first,
But just a taste,
My life and my time
Can't be replaced.
I've tried before
To give it for free,
But I got nothing back,
So now there's a fee.
Pain and regret
Are not in demand,
But I'll act brand new, if
There's cash in hand.
My skin is still soft
And my eyes are bright,
But we can't be close
Until I turn off the light.
For my face may betray
The love that I sold,
My body feels warm,
But I feel so cold.
I only take joy
In what can be bought,
I'll feign affection
To get what I sought-
External pleasures
To bury the pain,
My heart is so empty
There's no blood to drain.
You can have what you see,
Feel my lips against yours,
But real love can't happen
Behind these closed doors.
Just a charade,
Love pantomimed,
Some very nice words,
But nothing rhymed.