Loves Circle…

What is that symmetrical object orbiting throughout the ventricles of my very existence…?

That rhythmic thumping imitating that of a lovesick African drummer…! Is it real…!

Those shifting eyes, with eyelids fluttering like that of the wings of a spring butterfly…!

That mysterious yet sexy flicking tongue, spewing romantic flames of fire that sings to the core of my heart; while gently stroking the voided spaces of loneliness when you are not in view!

Shivers and shimmers consume me as the hair rises on the back of my neck and tantalizingly, tickles my inner with the mere thought of your impending touch…!

Highs that transcend the very apex of the world’s snow capped mountains; as the heat from your lips cause life’s liquids to cascade through my body like an avalanche blanketing a Colorado ski slope…!

Your beauty rivals that of a Hawaiian rainbow after a spring shower; grasping the canvas of my mind like a Picasso original…!

Beautiful Nubian princess; like nectar to a bee, you my darling provides life’s sustaining sustenance for me…!


Melvin “Chief” Lars


10:14 pm