Look Up Child

 Every morning when the bell rings, I know the day has a calling on me. It says to me, “Look 
up little child”, Aren’t you happy I dialed. I replied, “Just as Happy as Happy can be.” As a matter 
of fact, I’ve been thinking that ….. Maybe I shall call on the day, and command that energy be 
applied to Education in every meaning of the way. For it has unselfishly given us a school of 
gifted minds. Presents to present when presentations seem to be running out of time.
 Look Up Child! You’re standing in the middle of Midway. If it starts to rain, don’t complain, 
simple and plain… Trouble can’t stay. Happy thoughts for the right side of the Brain. All those 
for Brain power raised their hands, then the development came. Education meets Innovation. 
New classroom tactics. New Installations. ALL this just for us? It must have been a lot of work? 
Long hours, days and nights assembling power. The goal is to make Education work. Look Up 
Child! Don’t you ever forget, never judge a Book by its cover. Study the sentences, quotations 
and parentheses. Stay focused on the subject. Study it. Test time will come. Victory will beat his 
drum and when that mighty mountain comes, you won’t be afraid. Then you can run home and 
show off the good grades you’ve made. Rewards are reserved for those that pay attention. Eyes 
open wide every time school pride is mentioned.
 Look Up Child! The children of blessings walk these hallways. Motivating, Understanding, 
Shaping, Transforming, Accelerating, Nurturing, Growing, Students is what the hall says. And 
that is our Bond. Each one, Teach one. We won’t leave Education undone. Our yard will start to 
reflect the Gardens of our Intellect. Seeds will sprout. More precious fruits and vegetables will 
grow out, and the students will say, “How plentiful the harvest?” Enough Education to go 
around. Isn’t planting a seed in the ground marvelous? And the Day will say, “where there’s no 
plan there’s no vision.” Education vs. Elimination. Make a decision.
 Look Up Child! Creativity soars on these planes. High altitudes you can reach a star with the 
right attitude. We refer to it as Reaching Winners Lane. Determined to pursue learning. Five 
hundred horsepower. State of the Art Mustangs. If you build it students will come and victory will 
beat his drum. Then the Day will say, “What a wonderful job you’ve done!” The Mighty Mountain 
will know defeat. Education will have reached its peak. “HOORAY! HOORAY! The children 
yelled…as Education continued to prevail. Up in the sky! Only to be seen by the trained eye.
                                                     Look Up Child. Look Up. ©Poetic X