From the soils of Louisiana, I came to Shreveport as a young sprout. Underneath the Royal Empire, curious as to what the Louisiana Purchase was all about. Growing into the History of the wild wild West. What significance does this land have? Remnants of a monarchy at best. Diaries from Patriarchs of the past.
The 18th Century ghost of past and present. Backwoods speaks of a Dynasty tells the Legend. Ancient artifacts or dump heaps? Wake up Louisiana! Before that reoccurring time machine leaps. O' Louisiana! Don't you turn from the principles you put in place. Above the fruited plains along the Bayou's, circling the round about's waist. Proudly represents the squares that pattern from town to town. The old districts like the French Quarters. The work of the Caddo Indians. See the craftsmanship of the mounds. Villages dating back to B.C. Before Constantine, primitives drew out the Holy SEE…and Louisiana appeared in the face of the waters. New stones now crown the roots of the martyr. Speak Louisiana! The mouths of the rivers won't stay quite long. Every now and then a pearl comes to shore. A vessel for Louisiana. A ship we can all sail on. One bigger than the Mayflower, Taller than the Eiffel Tower. High enough for Louisianians to see… the symbolism of this great state just like me. The coast lines, the salt mines, the pines. I got Louisiana on my mind. Plantations stretch across the back roads. Echoes still utter Napoleonic codes. Catholic churches stand on the corners in the ghettos. I could abolish slavery AGAIN with the notes I've composed. Unshackle every mind chained to the misinterpretation of freedom. Then human beings won't be afraid to let divinity lead them. Follow those trails between the North and South gates. Pillars ruined by Civil War. Memories move readily and haste. Don't you fall asleep on Louisiana just yet. History hasn't recorded the renewal most are forced to forget. With mourning comes clarity. A flagstaff for Louisiana's Spangled Banner. The young tugging at her breast. Sustainability in the wild wild West. 

                                                  LONG LIVE LOUISIANA @PoeticX