Ours is a revolving table, once wooden, now glass,

Seating three, then two, then four.

Surrounded by friends, family, neighbors.


Our son did his homework at our kitchen table

Just as we did before him. Just as I do now.

He learned to read, count, and compose there.

I learn complex concepts to improve our lives.


Small children take their place at our table,

as they announce ”I’m finna eat!”

trusting something good will appear before them.

Here they wield Crayola markers confidently,

and share their masterpieces.


At our table, Ouchies get kisses, boo boos are healed,

on kids, stuffed bunnies and bears, and adults too.

Medications for sicknesses, chronic disease,

daily maintenance. Physical and mental health.


Our table witnesses silly, deep, daily conversations.

Trying, painful discussions. Tears of despair, joyful cries.

Life lessons learned, hugs dispensed.

Decisions made. Trips planned.

Dreams shattered and rebuilt.

Our table revolves and finds life again.