Keep Hope Alive

There’s much about this life I have yet to learn. But I’m still ambitious. I’m still a product of my environment. I’m still learning how to deal with it. Who to love? Who to trust? How to overcome my challenges? How to challenge myself to thrust? I'm not sure about sudden goodbyes, that lies on the roads ahead. Don't know how many miles before I exile. What I do know I ain't dead. My heart still pumping. My lungs still function. As long as there's breath in my body, I can be excited about something. Miracles grow in my habitat. Mirrors reflect my minds reflection. I Hope they find we my words are at. Maybe they'll start to Dream. Maybe the rising and the falling of the Sun won't set on them so young. Maybe, just maybe their shadows can spread their wings. Some little kids wants to be an astronaut. But if Hope never reaches his lungs… doesn't matter if he's astro or not. Hopefully he can float through the spaces. I’m hoping his spacecraft doesn't break in half. On Hopes behalf. I Hope he lands on the bases. Hopefully crime doesn't rob him of his time. If we hurry, we don't have to worry…When Hope arrives, he'll start flying. Plus a thousand little more astronauts like his kind relying solely on a wing and a prayer very little self-esteem, very little H2O by the time his Apollo turns 13. Emotional stains on him. Give him a proper title not another dry cycle. I Hope it rains on him. And Hope enters its proper place beneath the soil, where he's coiled in God's amazing grace, shaping those that bear witness. A laborer of love. A free will spirit. An ordained apprentice. This ain't about quitting. It's about being relentless. Starring Hope right in the eyes. Hopefully my bystanders got quick handles. I’m Hoping they don't watch Hope drive by.


                                                 Keep Hope Alive ©Poetic X