Jazz on Tap

Unbelievers, naysayers, doubters, who doubts?? The musical arrangements of musicians who
invented the Jazz Age and set the stage for newcomers to branch out. Curious minds caught
peeping through the blinds. Portals catch sad faces…Transporting them to the rumors they seek
to find. Rooms where trombones stroll. Where saxophonists call scenarios. Violinist defy gravity
patterned after the tapestry of the cosmos…These poetic portals never close. Only to “open
signs” will the infinite be exposed. What time is it? Ragtime,Tambourines, Banjos, and Congo
Drums. Polyphonics, Second lines, dance routines second to none. Train Porters tell us fun
stories about the Juke Joint. Tell us how New Orleans sang to Josephine. Tell us how Brass
Bands traveled down streams. Where musician go to hear the trumpet blow. The fine points.
Listen to the royal oats quote Jazz notes. Cross over into Classical reaching back to our Roots.
Stage productions, getting fitted for “Zoot suits”. Getting ready to Tango. Louis Armstrong. Any
ole dance floor will do. Pick any song. Take Jazz back to Louisiana. Tell them about those
instrumentations moving through the green grass. Tell about improvisations by Monsieur and
Mademoiselle that invoked Jazz. Do tell about the large scale of seashells. Those mermaids
that swim the soundwaves where Jazz music was first engraved. The basements where
musicians first recorded the tales. From the music sheets we learned to play along. Louisiana
told us Jazz history and that's the music we call home.

                                                                       Jazz On Tap ©PoeticX