Introduce Me!

 Morning comes early, is it daylight or dawn, is it time to get up or is my day completely done.

I wipe the sleep from my eyes, I yawn and stretch myself, and I may even scratch my nose just wondering what the day actually holds.

It is a new day or so I am told, often times confused, observing so many situations I’m not sure which verb I should use?

Yes, I often wonder if I am still asleep, slightly opening my eyes just to take a little peep!

The world can be a scary place no doubt, but answering the challenges that it brings is the inner secret shout!

They say there’s this thing called Alzheimer’s?

Does it affect the daylight?

Maybe it is affected by the sun’s eclipse.

I’ve heard that although it is invisible is robs one of insight!

Introduce Me!

Introduce Me!

Is it morning or is it night?

Do I wipe my once sleep filled eyes or was it my imagination, you see I have heard that this Alzheimer’s thing lacks iridescent light!

Introduce me!

I’m sorry, what was my request?

Introduce me?


Melvin “Chief” Lars