This is one of the first writings I created in the beginning of the new life I discovered. It was written after hearing about a close friend that died on the path that I had just turned away from just nine months before. My thought was to take the complete opposite direction than what this expression turned out to be. Instead of gloom and darkness it  illuminated the path to surrender that was being offered as a way out. 

I want to show You…

Take you by the hand to guide you threw what this life has in store for you

If you want it, it will not wait forever. Your reading this ,so u still have a chance, but don’t be too clever

For your wit has been tried the best you could do.

This the best part, many have success and they’ve done  it before you 

The gift itself is given so free, but it’s the acceptance of it is the toughest part you’ll see

Dont be frightened, and don’t go astray

Your life depends on this so please follow me. 

By Matthew Bruce