I am watching you watching me, not realizing I'm watching you.
The stage and colored lights create an illusory distance,
But it is really a platform to connect, to separate
Just enough that you let go,
Give in to primal feelings, suspend judgement,
Let your body take over your mind,
Be present, disconnect from the
White noise of expectations, of obligations, of disappointments,
Even of hopes and dreams singed by the
Burning fear of failure, shadowed by the specter of self-doubt,
Shedding everything to be clothed only in the
Spectacular, naked, beautiful now,
The disparate and asynchronous signals
Of the constructs of our lives gracefully replaced
With the purity of a note, the sacred cooperation of music,
My vibrations pulling you willingly into a primordially playful
Celebration of being, a blissful dance of existence,
All thoughts of what others may think,
All thoughts of anything evaporated,
Free to liberate your angels and let your demons play,
And you forget,
I am watching.