Human frailties, Liars laments, Devious demons, Personal consent!


Give your permission, extricate your truth, tug at your sole, sensitivity reduced!


Write a love ballad, sing "swing low", dream of having wisdom, like the "spook that sat by the (do)or"!


Balance on the unsteady, beam of life, dive into a sea of soliloquy,


Roll your eyes until they do a three sixty, bounce off the walls, while waiting on the sky to turn from white to blue!


Does the dynamite personify the explosion?


Is the balance beam to thin?


Does the rustling sound allow you to see the wind?


Detonate, Detonate, Detonate, wait a minute, who has the fuse?


Is this a metaphor? a trick question? a gaggle of misplaced rage?

Is this a water fall? a storm pit? or is it nothing at all?


Boom! Boom! Boom! is it real are an illusion?




Melvin "Chief" Melvin Lars​