Dear anonymous,

We haven’t met yet, but I love you.

Like a friend who loves another friend after years of dancing around each other

Between pregnant pauses and awkward silences full of spreading tension

We haven’t met yet, but I feel you,

Like a fever, you set fire to every nerve of my body scorching my soul

Until I can’t decide if the pain is pleasure or the pleasure of knowing you is pain.

We haven’t met yet but I need you.

Like an addiction, you course through my veins consuming every part of my being

Until I can no longer distinguish my skin from yours.

We haven’t met yet but I want you.

Like a beating heart drumming a rhythm so frantic it stops.

Only to start again in fear of never having had you.

We haven’t met yet, but I miss you

Like a canyon carved deep by a raging river, you

having left gashes and scars in your wake and distant echoes to answer my cries

We haven’t met but I hate you,

Like a vengeful lover, scorched, carved and gutted;

ruined by a conversation we were both too afraid to have.

Dear anonymous,

We haven’t met yet but I see you.

Like one person connecting to another across mountains and beyond days.

A bond forged so deep no amount of distance can break us.

Why can’t you love me?

Like a person engulfed in another persons warmth.

Swathed in the knowledge that despite our few and far between conversations we think of each other every day.

Heated by the consistent throbbing of life across borders no land can keep separate from you.

Dear anonymous.

We haven't met yet but I still love you.