The air around table seven began to crackle and quiver as she approached. The woman waiting there watched with bated breath as her lover sauntered slowly to the table and pulled out a chair close to her. She leaned in to land a soft kiss on the woman’s cheek, gently brushing her high cheekbone and sending a delightful thrill down the woman’s spine. Dressed in a stunning yellow gold gown draped over one shoulder and hugging her voluptuous curves, the woman shivered involuntarily. The rich color and shimmery fabric of her dress accentuated her smooth ebony skin and highlighted the gold flecks in her deep brown eyes. Atop a long neck adorned by hammered gold beads spilling down her ample cleavage, her regal head was crowned by a crinkly afro pulled back by a brilliantly gold ornately decorated comb. She absent-mindedly straightened the edges of her fro, composing herself. Her eyes melted as she gazed longingly at the buttons of her lover’s starched white linen dress shirt. “Patience”, she thought sternly.