I am currently working on several projects.

One, an editing job, not the most rewarding or exciting, but it keeps my skills sharp and I enjoy finding issues and assisting other writers, sort of using my old troubleshooting skills to ‘fix’ the writing. I do the whole range of editing, from basic grammar to style, continuity, and flow.

Two, a story about a Dream Thief, loosely based on Traveler (Gypsy) culture. This is where my heart is right now, because it is a fantasy story, but my energies are being drawn to the editing job and research for my next two projects. I was doing well on this project for a few weeks, but have not written anything new in the last week or so. This will eventually see the light of day as a short story for sale. It will be my sixth one self-published.

Three, I am gathering materials and research for publishing an adventure game scenario for RuneQuest Glorantha. This is good, and I am enjoying it a lot. I hope to eventually wrap this up all nice and neat and sell it online.

Lastly, I am taking new pictures of various creatures.