Chapter 6

The next morning, I woke up and I was extremely late for work. I reached for my phone and I called to work. I told them I was unavailable to come in for work, it was cool because the column had already been done and I had some family business I had to get done only today.

After the call, I could feel Tyson kissing my neck. “I’m the family business your tending to I guess huh?”

“Yeah, you are Maino!!”

I got up from the couch, heading into my bedroom to find some cloths to throw on.

“What were your plans today,” Tyson was calling out to me from the other room.

“Well I was planning a trip by the clinic for a checkup, what about you?”

“Well I’m off today, I offered to do something with my moms, but 1st I’ll come with you, I haven’t been tested in the last few months anyway”

We headed to the Health Unit which wasn’t too far from my place.

At the clinic we gave them our information and had a seat to wait for our number to be called. They called us in and I was nervous because it was my 1st time being there with my lover, while they asked you those personal questions. Before I knew it we were saying those words “Were partners” Tyson grabbed my hand and kissed it. They looked at me then Tyson.

“Well the last time you were here Mr. Styles you were younger, now here’s a guy who’s not too shy to be here with you,” asked the doctor.

“Well can we get this over please?” I was getting impatient.

20 minutes later the testing was done and we were waiting for our results. The nurse called us back and gave us the news that all was well health wise and that we were healthy and to remember to practice safe sex.

Tyson asked could he borrow my car.

I didn’t mind.

Tyson went to meet with his mother, they went to have dinner and talk.

“Ma talk to me, tell me what I should do, it’s been 6 months, since Jai and I been dating. Jisian and I are talking about taking a trip for his birthday. What you think I should get my babe. I know he’s into music, food and shoes.”

“Well baby take mama’s advice and go with your heart, whatever you feel, take it and put it in motion. Let me tell you what your father did that won me over.” “He knew all the little things meant so much to me. He took me to dinner at my favorite place Tis Amore’, he had a violinist playing near the table that evening and when the place was about to close, he had the owner come over to the table and had him read a poem that he had written for me when we were in high school. We had been dating 6 years that night he proposed it was magical,” tears fell from her eyes as she told the story.

“Me I know what I’m going to do.”

Tyson dropped off Mrs. Coco, but little did I know he had something cooking up his sleeve for me.