Chapter 2

Today was our last day here in the motel. After we had our herbal tea, I hurried down to get us breakfast, instead of having them bring it up, I wanted to cater to my Mister.

While I was heading down Lucy started blowing me up.

“Hello Twin, Sup?”

“Bro Twin why you didn’t call, oops I forgot, I won’t say that.”

“You up early sister, you must be feeding my baby girl Mariah?”

“Yeah I am she’s here fussing at her daddy.”

“Tell Dorian, I’ma break his damn fingers, fucking with my Lil’ Darling,” laughing at her as she repeated my words over to him.

“Aye Ji you tend to your Ole’ Man, Bro,” Dorian now fussing at me.

“Aye Bro, he’s good, I’m heading downstairs to get us breakfast now.”

“Oh ok ok, you’re on your job, I’ll drop it then, and say sup to my bro Ty for me.”

“Sister Twin, I gotta go, I’ll send you pictures of N.O.”

“Kool beans Bro, we love you guys.”

“We love y’all too. I’ll talk to you later.”

I finally made it to the dining hall for the breakfast buffet. I looked around to see the options they had, which were pretty good. This spread was simply mouthwatering. Waffle bar for fresh waffles, sausage patties and links, bacon, ham, biscuits, grits, oatmeal, eggs, fresh fruit, juice, milk and coffee.

I fixed us some plates, making sure I had enough options for him and me to choose from.  When I got back to the room, I could hear Tyson singing awfully off key, his voice was killing my ears.

“Bae, Tyson, you just murdered that song.”

“And it was all for you, now bring me my breakfast.”

I walked into the kitchen and placed the plates on the counter. I fixed him a plate, waffles topped with sliced strawberries and bananas, bacon, ham, grits, scrambled eggs and grape juice.

“Here you go Tys.”

“Thanks sexy,” He answered, “Come sit with your Big Poppa.”

Once my plate was full, I went to join him on the sofa. Tyson clicked the remote to the TV and started flipping channels, until he came across this movie that made him look at me. It was Poetic Justice, right where they pulled off in the mail truck. He sat the remote down and picked up his fork, talking his first bite from the plate.

We sat on the sofa, eating that huge breakfast, hands locked up in each other’s. My head was resting on his shoulder, with his head resting on mine. We ate from each other’s plate, feeding one another with our free hands, exchanging kisses sometimes on our locked hands or on the check.

After breakfast Tyson cleaned the dishes, while I fixed up a spot on the sofa for us to enjoy the rest of the movie. Tyson finally joined me on the sofa where we laid there, chilling watching the movie until we fell asleep with me on one end of the sofa, Tyson on the other end, with our legs in each other’s chest.

While resting I woke up to the sound of people partying. I got up, heading over to the window and to my surprise down the street I could see people wearing pink and white, the men and women. They were rolling blading while their dogs were wearing bull horns. They were having a great time with their drinks in hand. They were having a great time, when I was spooked by Tyson pressing up on my back.

“What you looking at?”

“Those people down there, doing their thing, they woke me up, is all.”

“What time is it anyways Big head?”

“It’s 10:30, Ji.”

“Time to get out there and explore the Crescent City, let’s get on out there with them,” He added.

We scrambled quickly, trying to find something pink to wear (which did not happen) and when we were dressed, we headed out to the crowd in the streets. We took out our phones to record some footage to post to Facebook, as we made our way to the French Market.

The market was busy with people taking pictures, buying food, eating beignets with fruit, and sipping on wine. We walked pass this a food stand, selling sweet treats and baked goods, when these Sweet Potato Cookies caught my eye.

The owner of the stand, Dinesha saying we could sample one, we did and they were so good. We ordered a dozen for us to enjoy later while sailing to the Bahamas. She wrapped them up for us placing them in a box. We paid the bill and went on our way.

We continued down the road, when this huge remote controlled car rolled right by us, on its way. I turned around walking off from Tyson to see how this was happening being nosey. I followed closely looking around for the person with the remote controller without any success. By then Tyson was walking up, when the car stood up like a Transformer, we were all shocked, and amazed, even when the car went back to the ground to rolled away.

This next place smelled just as heavenly. People were in line waiting to get in the building. They offered everything cheese from Italy, to Jambalaya, and Gumbo seasonings. Once we made it to the front of the line, I think we already spent right at $60 before we ordered the Muffuletta sandwich with some Boudin Balls.

After we left the shop, Tyson had the idea of going on a ride on one of those Steam Paddle Boats we passed up the night before and it was great practice before the cruise.

We headed to find those boats and we walked for about an hour until we finally arrived at the boat launch for the Stream McQueen paddle boat. We paid the fare for the ride, and headed on board. We headed up to the top floor of the boat, taking a seat near the view of the water. We ordered a couple of beers, and proceeded with the Muffuletta and Boudin Balls. That sandwich was delicious, the bread was fresh and soft, the meat was flavorful and tasty. Those Boudin Balls were also great they were fried hard and they had the best damn seasoning.

The boat ride was awesome. We took pictures of this huge cargo ship. The view was stunning. After we finished our beers, Tyson went to stand up and took the scene in a bit more. I walked over to check out the huge paddle leaning over on a railing looking at The Crescent City Connection Bridge.

As we got closer to the end of the tour, Tyson came joining me on the railing wrapping his arm around my stomach placing his head on my shoulder. I took a selfie of us with the sun just beginning to set.

We exited the boat, throwing away all the trash from lunch and headed back to the streets. We walked around talking for what seemed to be forever until we arrived back to the hotel. We sat in the dining hall chilling having a drink, and deciding we’d go to a club that night since it was our last night in the city.

We headed up to the room to change for the evening just to be more comfortable. Jean shorts, a t-shirt, and tennis shoes, matching outfits, nothing to fancy. After we were dressed, we left the hotel