This is a ekphrastic poem I wrote in collaboration with Shreveport Artists Club and Shreveport Writer’s Club.


By Shanna Dodd

In the gloaming, Morpheus comes to me

a weighted whisper, purring, low and warm.

She stands. A sharp promise on my chest.

I am caught

drowning in a sea of shining green.

A loamy smell, pungent and strange,

shocks me from my trance.

I find myself transported

to a wild wood. Lights and shadows dance

in the bruised and purple dusk they turn in circles

among ancient standing stones singing down the moon.

The twilight deepens.

A black cat stands sentinel.

Guardian of the mysteries that quicken the heart

and flutter in the deep dark. The cat’s eyes widen.

She is gone.

There is a fire burning. Others gathered round it.

Cat’s prey, white-eyed and soundless, they quake

as the fire crackles like old bones breaking.

I huddle close.

From the blue-black depths comes a lady dressed

In flowing umbra. Eyes of green and a knowing smile,

she glides sinuously towards us.

We dare not move.

With a clap like thunder the night falls heavy

crushing the fire. We scatter as embers

fly and fall and die. Stars in the night.

Running blind, I trip and fall and

I am caught!

Claws like knives dig into me

I scream! And

wake up, sweat-drenched

panting and all atremble,

I turn on the lamp.

She is there

in the corner. Eyes of green and

a knowing smile. Purring.

Cleaning her claws.