SD: “SETTING: The crummy yet creative apartment of the Bergerac brothers.

AT RISE: Brian Bergerac is wearing his best clothes and tidying up.

Two suitcases wait by the door.”


BRIAN: Nothing can bum me out today.  It’s the very last day I have to clean this living

room. I’m on the up and up today. Everything’s going my way. Nobody’s gonna ruin my

mood, because today destiny knocks– and boy, she’s lookin’ good!

Goodbye is all I have to say to the days spent scrapin’ by and hardly surviving!

Goodbye to barely minimum wage, too many gigs for no pay,

this year we’re gonna be thriving! There’s just one last thing to do

before the good times can commence! 


SD: Brian knocks on the door to his brother Cyrano’s room.


BRIAN: Hey, can I come in?


SD: No answer. Brian enters anyway. The room is dim.  CYRANO is still in bed.


BRIAN: Jesus, Bro, when’s the last time you saw sunlight? Is everything alright?             

Did you eat anything yesterday?


CYRANO: Just go away.


BRIAN: It’s five thirty in the afternoon, the sun it will be setting soon, you’ll waste the day.


CYRANO: Just go away.


BRIAN: Come on, I’ve got something to say-


CYRANO: Just let me sleep, we can talk in the morning!


BRIAN: Tomorrow will be too late!


CYRANO: What news could possibly be so important?


BRIAN: Believe me, my brother, it couldn’t wait!


SD: Brian shoves a letter into Cyrano’s hands.


CYRANO: Bergerac Brothers, You have been accepted, from thousands of others,

you have been selected.


BRIAN and CYRANO: Your musical talent stands out from the rest, we declare you the

winners of our annual contest!


CYRANO: Wha- what is this??


BRIAN: The Austin New Artist Contest! We won!


CYRANO: What do you mean we won?? We never entered.


BRIAN: I did! Last April. I didn’t want to say anything until I knew for sure, but this letter came last week!


CYRANO: Last week????


BRIAN: I know! Isn’t it great?!


CYRANO: How could you do this to me? Today of all days?


BRIAN: What’s today?


CYRANO: Nothing can cheer me up today, it’s been a year to the day

since Stargazer disappeared.


BRIAN: Not this again.


CYRANO: I don’t want to wake up today, just want to sleep through the pain

So I don’t end up in tears!


SD: BRIAN pulls CYRANO out of bed.


BRIAN: Let’s get you out of this room, come on, let’s get you some food.

You’ve gotta get over her. Just think of what we can do and can look forward to,

you’re gonna feel better – Because!

Nothing can hold us back today! It’s the very last day we qualify as starving artists!

We’re on the up and up today! There’s an agent on the way! A big shot ready to sign us!           

So when fame and fortune knock, what are you gonna say?




BRIAN: What??




BRIAN: But, Cyrano-


SD: Cyrano pushes past him to his room. Brian sighs.


BRIAN: Now when fame and fortune knock, what am I gonna say?


SD: In his room, Cyrano flops on the bed and opens his laptop.


CYRANO: Stargazer, where have you gone? My only companion, you must have moved

on. I’m a space cadet floating past the moon. Won’t you log on again

so my satellites can find you? Was it something that I said?

Was it what I didn’t say? There’s a fog inside my head and it obscures the way.

Stargazer, you once said, ‘life is full of mystery’             

But have I lost my only friend? The very thought is killing me.


SD: He pulls a worn piece of paper from under his pillow and presses it to his face

as Brian enters.


BRIAN: It can’t possibly still smell like her.




BRIAN: This isn’t healthy. You two never even met face-to-face.


CYRANO: We were going to!

She was my Stargazer, I was her Space Cadet. She was perfect, she is perfect. 

I will not forget! A year ago today, she never showed her face,

now you expect me to pack my things and throw it all away?

My anniversary of shame! The day my trust was betrayed! I’m forced to relive it

each minute that passes today!


BRIAN: You’ve got to move past it, it’s been a year!  You’re letting a memory sabotage

your career! If she really cared for you, why’d she disappear?  Don’t hide from the truth,          

my brother, you need to hear it.


CYRANO: Get out!


CYRANO: I didn’t want your help today! I’ll get by my own way, I’m not going with

you! Just leave me by myself, okay?? I don’t care what you have to say, don’t try to

tell me what to do!


SD: (A KNOCK from outside)


BRIAN: But today destiny knocks!


CYRANO: I don’t care what you say!


BRIAN: But today destiny knocks!


CYRANO: I don’t care! Go away!


SD: (The knocking grows louder.)


BRIAN: Listen! Today destiny knocks! Everything will be okay!


SD: Brian runs to the door to greet Violet Crown, Talent Agent,

who bursts in dressed to the nines. Cyrano peeks out from his bedroom door.


VIOLET: Your fervent prayers to the gods of rock have been answered!

Congratulations on your twist of fate! Say farewell to the life you knew,          

There are better plans in store for you!

I insist the benefits involved cannot be overstated!


SD: She greets Brian with a double cheek kiss. 


VIOLET: Oooh! Oooh! x2

I’m Violet Crown, and my name’s gold in this city

All others bow down to the best in the business!

You’ll never get a chance like this again,

so are you man enough to let your brand new life begin?


SD: She brandishes a contract. Brian signs.


VIOLET: Oooh! Oooh! x2