The world exists and functions because of variety. Without opposing forces that play tug-of-war there would be nothing to hold the rope on which a gradient of ideas lie. There is a system of these ropes forming a web in which the tension forms a stable plane. This is an analogy I use to define reality. When painting, I walk up and down these “ropes” to notice how they connect and relate to one another to form the experience. In common paradox lie artful integration that is a continuously shifting and changing form based on the medium or person through with they are filtered. I have begun to explore this reality and find it to be an ultimate source of mystery and logic. It is impossible to understand how each rope absorbs the pressure felt from the others, or imagine what would happen if one were to snap. We are not aware of all the factors that affect our perceptions of the world, but if one were to fall out of existence, we surely would be a different person. Therefore, the invisible is important. I make paintings to give invisible factors a presence in the room. For me, there is a direct relationship between reality and painting if you agree that there is endless possibility in both. Each moment is unique to an individual and each work of art has the potential to be unique. This idea is hopeful. Through change, we can progress. I strive to present paradox in my work to trigger thought and stifle habitual or one-sided ways of thinking.