It’s what we long to be
Tho it’s just you and me
It’s easy to see

It was lost along the way
It just disappeared one day
What can I say

We do it for you
Tho you don’t accept it as true
What can I do

I loved you before
Now I’m close to the door
What should I stay for

If another comes along
I may sing a different song
What will you do when I’m gone

Will you miss what I did
What will you say to the kid
It was for you I did bid

But you gave it away
or let it die, I do say
Now I see a new day

For my love you do cry
Tho I long for goodbye
It’s so heartbreaking, I sigh

I no longer do it for you
Tho you think that I do
I do it to get thru

Did I lose myself
When I was put on that shelf
How to reclaim self?