It’s a rainy day and the air is thick.  But they’re in the south,  the air is always thick.  There’s something different about today.  She finds herself in a different place,  not quite the posh surroundings she’s used to.   Today she’s followed her guy to a special place.  One he’s prepared just for her.  She’s a bit nervous but excited also.  He’s brought her here only once before. They played a bit,  it was fun but today it feels completely different.   The atmosphere is heavy, she knows it’s not only the rain.  They enter their private space.  He lowers the doors and looks over at her, she knows what to do.  She begins to undress, the fear begins to creep into the space but it’s mixed with trust and desire.  She knows he’s about to give her what she’s always wanted but never trusted anyone enough to fulfill.  Slowly he chains her to the wall…..