My love is sweet and gentle like rain

His kisses fall softly on my lips

and easy some day today pain.

His eyes speak sternly yet say I care.

I lavish in the sunshine of his smile

but when he cries I'll still be there.

His voice is heavy but his tone is light.

I'll love that man with all my might.

We'll talk about God and our spirituality.

He doesn't pass judgment so I feel free.

His arms are strong and he holds me tight.

It's comforting to know things will be alright.

His body is lean tall and golden brown.

He's a child of the king, his head is not bowed.

He loves his black woman, experience taught him how.

I'm glad it did. He's a good man now.

My love believes in me and my abilities

and my faith in him through God is increased.

I tell him all my hurts and pains.

I show him inside, with him I feel no shame.

He makes me feel beautiful, special, and smart

places me on a pedestal like a great work of art.

My love is not perfect, we'll have hard times

but if God sent my love, I'll know he's mine.

We'll have trust and forgiveness in our friendship.

My love is sweet and gentle like rain.

His kisses fall softly on my lips.