Wherever pollution rears its ugly head, the slimy green footprint of man is throng
Is it the red handed print of one alone
It bleeds down on all who see, through tearing eyes the beauty of our world stamped out, or scrawled upon
We have eyes but can barely see
How much longer will there be a tree
Wild life that still remains, are forced to change or breathe air that burns lung, like flame
Tell me, where do we place the blame
Man is not the lofty individual he proclaims
Is he a pallbearer for his world, gone insane
All ears are deaf to the mute sounds of the extinct, so no one is sad
Were they deafened by the roaring rock of a world gone mad
But it’s not SO bad
So what if your eyes are continuously misted
No wiping the red nose that once existed
The tanned complexion is now a sickly blue
Still it seems we haven’t got a clue
Children that should speak, now, just mew
How did things get so a skew
Your rosy cheeks have disappeared
You cough and gasp through purple lips that are smeared
Could it be, your lungs are seared
But, It is not SO bad
After all, no one that isn’t here, is sad