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Robert E. Trudeau
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The Creole faces of the Bayou State, the spreading oaks, historic buildings, the garfish and religious statuary – I render the life of Louisiana every day. Beginning with a sketch I create paintings, essays and fables, videos and music.

A recent project is a description of the sense of place of Betty Virginia Park, a 23-acre center-of-Shreveport nature center . I have researched the history and examined every part of the site with camera and sketchbook in hand. Having interviewed people, made scores of site visits and scores of sketches, I will offer the public a package that is both artful and educational.

Presenting my observations of this community and the terrain around us is my challenge as an artist.  Can I capture movement and vibe that seems true and provocative?



Multi-disciplinary artist Robert E Trudeau
– “Alonzo Maxile, Jr,” animation/video, Critic’s Choice awarded by Bruce Campbell, Portland, OR, Impromptu, Shreveport, 2011.
– “Elliott,” Critic’s Choice by Lauren Buscemi, San Diego, Bona Fide II, Shreveport, 2012.
– Shreveport Common Temporary Art Grants:
“Twenty One 6’X6′ Sketches on Texas Ave,” mural, 2012.
“Three Women,” 6’X20′ mural, 719 Crockett St.
– “As Is,” Nick Cave art assistant team member, 2016. (Participation not completed).
– “Visual Artists Studios @ Artspace, April – May, 2017.
– City of Shreveport Multi-disiciplinary Artist Fellowship, 2018.Video
– Resident videographer for Artspace exhibits in 2011 and 2012.
– Youtube channels: and
– Art critic Brett Campbell, Portland, Oregon, wrote of “Alonzo,” “Trudeau’s use of intentionally primitive techniques, sepia tone and spare line drawings combine to poignantly evoke the streetscape and to make the characters almost archetypal – appropriate for the almost parable-like nature of the simple tale. While I’d like to see a little more substance than this snapshot, the originality of his vision really stands out.”Please view more sketches at– Tchai, an artists collective devoted to improvisation in music, video and audience participation.
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University of New Orleans
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Betty, Virginia and Pierre

In the geographic and sociologic heart ofShreveport is a lake bed that has become a large public park.
It is called Betty Virginia Park.
The history, terrain and details of the park illuminate the life of the city that surrounds the 26-acre site.