You must allow yourself to feel


To the extreme 

Relish in your triumphs,

Feel the joy as it travels to your core

Push pain to its limits,

fall apart if you must

Allow wonder to consume your mind,

Let it drift off to uninhabited places with no constraints

Let fear plant butterflies in your chest 

And let it pump adrenaline through your veins

Squeeze everything you can get out of love,

Search for it in the most desolate places and when you find it, allow it to break down those cautionary walls you keep building around yourself

Allow yourself to hurt and grieve and cry and scream and smile and laugh and grow and learn

Feel things as they are meant to be felt

And then some

There is power in the depth of your emotions

So let them be deep

Let them be raw and real

Let them express themselves the way they are dying to be expressed 

Grasp these feelings by the palms of your shaky hands and hold on to them for as long as you must

And then release them

So you are free to start again