I took a run

I don’t usually run

But I needed the endorphins and the fresh air

And the distraction of the mind

I found myself slowing at a cemetery

Catching my breath in a breathless place

I stumbled upon a grave


How beautiful a name you had

But I guess it doesn’t matter much anymore

Not unless you passed it along 

To someone who might’ve already given it away

Others: Morrison, Grigsby, White

And a Smith who unknowingly allowed me

To sit on a path adjacent his grave

Sharp, clean headstones

Scattered haphazardly among rotting slabs of marble

The new and the old

Both dead

Some newly buried

Others left decaying for decades

Some fresh on the mind

Others wilted in memory

Even spaces reserved with dates unmarked

Set in places for bodies who haven’t yet departed

I wonder to myself where the souls of these bodies reside

And if perhaps death itself 

Is quite as peaceful as this graveyard