‘A Blanket For Our Thoughts’

Not all days are as warm as we would wish. No matter how much we call upon the comfort of the Sun…some days we miss. And the Sunrays leave us to wander alone. Wondering where all the prayers I’ve called on gone. Maybe society will never accept a person like me..or..could it be? My peculiar persona only recognizes sounds that I can see. The way I comprehend the strings of a violin are therapeutic. For the therapy to set in..some sounds need to be blanketed and secluded. Especially when mood swings and every aspect of a Dream has been detached distraught. But if there’s one drop of holistic phenomena left, It can be used to build A Blanket For Our Thoughts.

To pattern our creations after the animations being revealed. Giving those empty patches an equal opportunity to be filled. Not every Dream has seen what it means to be colorific. Watching them paint Dreams from the in between gave stream to the golden and gifted. And that is how this journey begins. One after another. I discovered these houses where unification confided in. Extraordinary minds! Tapping into the Gold mines would take some time …AND.Time is what we faced. We challenged each other to come outside of our comfort zones so that UNITY could stand in place.