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A.j. Cariere

A.j. Cariere

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    Serving myself with a higher regard for Legal knowledge as it pertains to Civil Constitutional Rights in Louisiana as matter of empirical knowledge and to gain advancement in procuring a foundation by my own will as a non-profit Art & Civil Rights Advocacy Group to be Commissioned as “The Trillion Frogs Foundation” an to creatively build within the community a forum for fellow citizens can turn to for relief, compassion, network, and knowledge; From this along with my personal strategic Intention by any means of theological Impulsively objectified through Interference & Analysis of quantified filtered communication through an revolutionary vision compelling an Specialized Life Work Doctrine for the Soul Purpose.
  • Resume

    CADDO MAGNET H.S. 1995
    B.P.C.C. 1997
    L.S.U. Shreveport 1998
    Business Administration, D.E.C.A
    Culinary & Arts

    EXPERIENCE               1990-2005
    Saucier, Chef, Baker, Manager & Owner
    Monjuni’s Italian Café                      Red Frog’s Den Bakery
    Cariere’s Italian Café                      Kelly’s Po-boy
    Market Street Bistro                       A.J.’s Place & Bakery
    Cariere’s Texas Street Café                Cariere’s Mediterranean Bistro
    Cariere’s Soul FoodDorothy Kristi Hanna's Studied and Mentored   10 years experience
    Visual Sound and Movement Company Arodasi Dance
    My Private Studio                                 19 years - present
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