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Aaron Culpepper

Aaron Culpepper

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    I'm a freelance artist that specializes in photorealism and portraits, and new school style, vibrant color drawings.  I also make/edit/film videos and make custom arcade cabinets. I'm currently working on a comic book and several other projects right now, but I always have time to do portraits and such for customers.
  • Resume

      Joshua Aaron CulpepperEDUCATION
    University of louisiana at Monroe | 2010-2012
    ? Major: Fine Arts- Drawing/Sculpture
    ? Dark Room Manager 2010-2012
    ? ULM Art Gallery Assistant
    ? British Studies Program for Photography Summer 2012
    ? Artwork Featured in Three Gallery Shows
    ? Emerging Scholar Award for Art Department    formal tattoo artist apprenticeship | 2011-2012
    ? Professional Tattoo Artist 2011-Present
    ? Portraits/Original Design Pieces/New School Style
    ? Artist at Vintage Tattoo Parlor 2011-2013
        West Monroe High School | graduated 2009
    ? Vice President of Art Club 2006-2009
    ? Order of the Pen (Creative Writing) Award Recipient
    ? Spanish Club
    ? Biology Club
    ? Voted Most Creative Male in Class
    ? AP/ Duel Enrollment Classes at ULM
    ? TOPS Scholarship Award
    ? Featured in ULM High School Art Show SKILLS AND ABILITIES
    ? Sony Acid - 8 years experience
    ? Sony Vegas - 7 years experience
    ? Adobe Photoshop - 8 years experience
    ? Adobe flash - general knowledge/learning
    ? Paint Tool SAI
    ? Web Designer and Website Manager for
    ? Adobe Illustrator/Indesign
          Hardware and software design
    ? Built custom arcade machine from concept to final product
    ? Custom cabinet design with custom art
    ? Programmed approximately 40,000 games
    ? Runs from a simple desktop computer
    ? Currently independently developing PC/XBLA video game – programming, art design, concepts, digital art, story writing, animations, everything.
        VERY basic programming knowledge
    ? C++
    ? Ruby Scripting
        professional art career
    ? Art Design for Life Choices IOS Mobile App
    ? Live Portrait artist at Monroe downtown river market
    ? Artist for “Swag For Slips” at
    ? Sells prints on DeviantArt
    ? Custom tattoo art
    ? Guitar Experience (Bass, Electric, Acoustic) - 8 Years
    ? Lyre Harp -2 Years
    ? Original Music Composition and Integration into Other Projects (videos, art and video games)
    ? Working at Moonbot Studios
    ? (Moving)
    ? Carl Sagan
    ? Video Creation/ Editing
    ? Graphic Novels/Comic Books
    ? Stop Motion Animation
    ? Video Game Creation
    ? Routinely Creating Original Content for my YouTube Channel*Would Love to Show Traditional and Digital Portfolios upon Request.   
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