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Yael Textor

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    In my paintings and drawings I try to recreate the moments when a body shows more than just its mere physicalness.In these moments, the frail relationship between the body and its inhabitant can flicker and become visible for an instant.There, space can create a form around or between bodies that describes the unseen within them. These moments haunt me, whether they are awkward, absurd, sad or banal.And the many layers of translucent paint I apply on each painting represent my search for the form that is just right.
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    December 2013 Solo Exhibition "Yonder" at ION Artspace, Zurich, Switzerland.2010 -2013 freelance work as painter and illustrator in Zurich Switzerland.Publications in magazines (Kolt, Zwoelf)2010 BA in Visual Communication with Specialization in Illustration Fiction, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.
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