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    My art is Borderless Fusion. I draw from different cultures or nationalities. It is an eclectic approach to internationalism. It is not about techniques or new mediums, but rather a fusion of folk art and modernism. It is about concepts. It is meant to reflect the Millennium, borderless societies and subcultures. Advanced cultures borrow good ideas from others and apply them to to their situations effectively. Likewise, I borrow ideas from other cultures and try to fill the gap between different cultures. I enjoy foreign cultures and especially the subcultures. I also like to analyze and find similarities.

    Demographic shifts occur due to innovations. This happened in Europe, Asia, Africa, and now in North America. The major cities such as New York, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and Chicago are rapidly advancing forward economically. When the high speed rails are installed, there will be a bigger gap between the major cities and the rural areas. As an artist, I want to capture the subcultures of rural America and present them to the world, not as folk art, but as international participants in contemporary art.
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    Y.Makishi CV
    Yasuko Makishi
    Shreveport, LA

    The best way to present my CV is in this narrative form, because all my business experiences and especially my academic endeavors contributed to the emergence of my art. Philosophically, just like the ancient Romans, I am an utilitarian. There has to be a reason and a sense of purpose to engage in any pursuit.

    My very first painting entered the Meadows Museum (Biennial) in 2013. Instinctively, I sensed that something major was about to occur, so I rejected a handsome military contract. A week later, I awoke with my heart rushing with a strong sense of hope. I walked into the Meadows Museum and saw, for the first time, an artist call. After being selected, I was informed that there were 86 applicants. I was excited because the juror was from North Carolina - home to the famous Black Mountain College, renowned for Art. In the Spring of 2015, my painting was exhibited in the Critical Mass (NWLA Arts Council). In 2016, my portfolio was juried and I was accepted as a Roster Artist. My paintings are exhibited currently at the Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery. I have been selected for International Competition at Meadows Gallery, Department of Art & Art History, University of Texas at Tyler, Texas. I was informed that over 650 entries were received and the competition was rigorous.

    I own a business that moves original art for artists, museums, and auction houses such as Christie's and Sotheby's. I started piano lessons at age 5, ballet at the age of 6, and continued on to jazz and flamenco. The ability to move across space by manipulating your body in sync with the music, I think, developed my dimensional skills which allowed me to build containers. I deal with heavy weights and awkward dimensions. Sometimes, I consolidate various dimensional items into a single container. I design the containers.

    In art, everything is avant garde. Ballet gave me the discipline needed for jazz and flamenco. Today, I feel, that flamenco is the most progressive of the three. Maria Pages has transformed flamenco into the most innovative performing art. She uses her body in an artistically brilliant way. She awed the audiences all over the world by dancing flamenco to Shostokovich's music.

    Received a Bachelor's degree from Indiana University with a major in Economics, minor in Chinese Studies with 2 years of the language. Since China under Mao shared its history with, then, the Soviet Union; I had to study Russian history. Studied European history through art and travel and completed 2 semesters of Art History. Standing before the Gates of Paradise by Ghiberti (door across from the police station in Florence, Italy), I knew that I did the right thing by studying Art History also.

    The U.S. Economy plunged into recession from the Lehman shock in 2008. It was the busiest year for me as a business owner, because the war in Iraq had not ended yet. Aside from moving art, my business builds containers and skids for the military which saved my business. It is this business with Barksdale AFB which eventually catapulted me into the world of art. It played a significant role in my development as an artist. The special packaging information and flat drawings I had to re-draw for better visual clarity further advanced my dimensional perspectives. The use of optical illusions in my art, I think, comes from this experience. I didn't realize that I can sculpt until Armament Systems came to me with a complicated drawing. I used a polymer clay to sculpt the object so my workers can see the parts in 3D. Destiny with the military proved to be a fortunate event, because it eventually became the source of inspiration and artist identity.

    Since my background is in Finance, the first thing I awake to in the morning is CNBC and Bloomberg market watch. Governments and geopolitics move the markets. I was very displeased with my mother and my college counselor for dissuading me from pursuing the Fine Arts. I resented the counselor for directing me towards business. In the Summer of 2016, my resentment turned into gratitude when I discovered my identity as an artist. The ability to research, analyze, and express global events on canvas cannot happen without the interest, education, and the actual experience.

    2017 January, International Competition, Meadows Gallery, University of Texas, Tyler
    2016 Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery, Monthly Exhibitions
    2016 Artspace, Critical Mass, Shreveport, LA
    2013 Meadows Museum Biennial Exhibition
    1982 B.A., Economics Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47405
    Minor: Chinese Studies
    Other studies: Art History I & II, Art Appreciation, Classical Ballet
    2015 Awarded Military contract from Barksdale Air Force Base
    2009 Grant for software/ training, Adobe Master Collection, SBDC, Louisiana Economic
    Development, State of Louisiana
    2008 Awarded a 5-year military contract from Barksdale Air Force Base
    2007 Northwestern Louisiana Star Business Award, State of Louisiana

    2016 KTBS News, "It's Your Money", by TW Starr
    2011 Business, "Uncertainty in Japan reaches Shreveport-Bossier City", by Bobbie J. Clark,
    The Shreveport Times
    2008 Bayou Buzz, Louisiana's Minority Businesses Have Success Stories, by Gina Nadas
    2008 Longview Journal, Cancer detection equipment export, by Mike Elswick
    2006 Money, "If it's big and awkward, we can do it", by Kisha Jackson, The Shreveport Times

    Special Skills/Travels
    Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Sound Booth, Flash, Dreamweaver, Corel Painter 12; studied 3D Animation. Traveled throughout Europe, Asia, and Canada. Gained art education through cultural enrichment and familiarity with major art museums in Western Europe and North America. Native of Japan. Resided in Seattle, Chicago, New York, Washington D.C., and Atlanta.
    2005- Business Owner, Fortuna Productions d/b/a Craters & Freighters Shreveport, a premier
    Present national franchise for crating, packing, and shipping of original or museum grade art.
    Customers include Christie's of New York, art agents for Sotheby's of London and
    New York, RM Auctions, as well as artists and museums in the tri-state area.
    2005 Acquired an ailing business and completely turned it around to profitability within six months.

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    2 years ago

    Inspired by life of Temple Grandin who has asbergers condition.

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    2 years ago

    This painting is about growth and overcoming obstacles. This was inspired by Temple Grandin’s victory over autism/asbergers condition.


    Military & Geo-Political

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    Military & Geo-Political
    Yasuko Makishi Inspired by life of Temple Grandin who has asbergers condition.
    2 years ago