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Patrick Raffaelo

Patrick Raffaelo

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    I fill my paintings with mental ideas, some visual references, emotions and energy so
    one can enjoy it for many years to come. I have in the past concentrated on landscapes, still life and portraits. I decided to change to abstract because it
    is a much freer way of painting. Abstract to me is much more relaxing and
    can be shorted in time to complete a painting. You don't have to paint what you see, but paint what you feel. You can add and subtract from your painting as you proceed. You don't need a plan as long as you keep composition, color, texture and value
    in your painting. The painting does not have to represent what you see as reality.
    The last few years I have been painting with acrylic. It is a cleaner medium and lends itself to abstract painting. Art is subjective... If you like it than that's all that matters.
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    My career has been mostly in sales and administration. I have been retired for twenty years. I do work part time for the Bossier Sheriff and City Marshals departments in patrol and security.
    I am married and live in Benton, Louisiana for the past five years.
    I have over 30 years of art experience. I paint in oil, acrylic and watercolor.
    Professional training by Sandy Rabbitt, Mattie Kenney, Dr.Zsohar, Dorothy Killman, Bob Rohm and others. My exhibits over the years were with Arts Council of Fort Worth, Fort Worth Community Arts center, The Montgomery Street Gallery, ArtQuest, Art and Frame Gallery, Henderson Arts, and others. Email:
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