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    Born in 1951, I grew up in Stillwater, Oklahoma. I am a graduate of Oklahoma State University with degrees in forestry (B.S.) and entomology (M.S. and Ph.D.). Before retiring in 2013, I worked for 33 years as a research entomologist for the LSU AgCenter studying insect pests of pecans. I currently reside in Shreveport, Louisiana where I have lived for the past 39 years.
    I am a self-taught artist with no formal training in art but I have always had a deep appreciation of art, architecture and design, and was fortunate enough to be exposed to it at an early age. Without any formal training, I have had to rely on what I learned from going to numerous art exhibits over the years, visiting with artists, and reading a lot of books on art and books about artists. It was while attending an art exhibit in 2017 that I began to think seriously about becoming an artist and actually creating my own artwork.
    My taste in art is very eclectic, but I am drawn toward modern and abstract art. For me art is about form (shape) and color, and how the two interact to create a painting or sculpture.
    “One of the joys of working in these genres, especially for a new artist like myself is that it gives me the opportunity to explore and play with whatever creative thoughts and ideas pop into my head, and to also work with a wide range of artistic mediums from ink and paint, to wood and metal.” Michael Hall
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    Finalist 2019 Biennial, Museum of Geometric and MADI Art, Dallas, Texas
    September 2019 Artist of the Month, Museum of Geometric and MADI Art, Dallas, Texas
    Museum of Geometric and MADI Art purchased my piece 'Ode to Piet' for their permanent collection.


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