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    Michelle Pennington’s previous work challenged the traditional rules of art viewing as she created work with the intention of being interacted with and to degrade overtime. She is a very tactile and sensual person, so her work gave the viewer the right to manipulate and change her artwork through this interaction, providing new experiences each time one viewed the piece. She often used motion, creating movement powered by machine
    or manually powered by the viewer, to incorporate and encourage a slow decay and deterioration, which become part of the work. It challenged perceived fears of materials, such as broken glass, creating a conflict and potentially an internal struggle for the viewer. It questioned notions of how one should act in the presence of art, while inviting the viewer to act traditionally inappropriately. Although she gave some directions or
    guidelines for each piece, she allowed the viewer to set up their own boundaries as she pushed them outside of their comfort zone and asked them to interact with art in a more invasive way.

    Currently her work is taking a shift and inviting viewers to think critically about political decisions that impact men, women and children in this country. She is questioning why the decisions of so few have such a huge impact on so many lives, and often in a negative way. She asks viewers
    to interpret and reflect on their own opinions of political matters, and encourages them to stand up for what they believe in by taking an active role by voting in local and national elections.
  • Resume

    3210 Fairfield Ave.
    Shreveport, LA 71101


    EDUCATION 2016 MFA in Glass, University of Texas Arlington,
    Arlington, TX
    2007 BFA in Graphic Design, Bowling Green State University,
    Bowling Green, OH
    2015 Santa Reparata International School of Art - Florence, Italy, art
    history course, Kenda North
    2014 The Glass Furnace - Istanbul, Turkey, Casting Glass, Evelyn Dunstan
    2014 Pilchuck Glass School, Casting Glass, Sylvia Levenson
    2013 Pittsburgh Glass Center, Hot Sculpting Experience,
    Karen Willenbrink Johnsen and Jasen Johnsen.
    2012 Penland School of Crafts, Blowing and Sculpting Inside the Bubble, Martin Janecky
    2011 Corning Museum of Glass, Blowing and Sculpting Inside the Bubble, Martin Janecky
    2010 Corning Museum of Glass, Scandinavian Focus, Susanne Jøker Johnsen
    2006 Studio Art Centers International, Florence, Italy
    (summer courses) Extensive Studies in graphic design and photography

    & AWARDS 2016 Glass Art Society Student Scholarship
    2016 COLA Scholar for the Art and Art History department
    2016 Ideas in Art Scholarship Recipient
    2015 The Nunez Grant for $500 (Juried)
    2015 The McDowell Center travel grant to Florence, Italy
    2015 Art and Art History Department funding for travel to Florence, Italy
    2015 College of Liberal Arts (COLA) travel grant to Florence, Italy
    2014 The Deans Travel Grant to travel to Istanbul, Turkey
    2014 The Dubois Grant to attend a class at Pilchuck Glass School
    2013-2016 Recipient of Enhanced Graduate Teaching Assistantship
    University of Texas Arlington
    2013 Half-Tuition Scholarship
    Pittsburgh Glass Center
    2012 Partial Work Study Scholarship
    Penland School of Crafts
    2011 Full Tuition Scholarship
    Corning Museum of Glass
    2010 Full Tuition Scholarship
    Corning Museum of Glass
    2005-2006 Dean’s List
    Bowling Green State University


    EXPERIENCE 2018 Lead Gaffer for Gothrup Mobile Glassblowing Studios- Glassblowing Demonstrations from July 17-September 18
    2017 Featured Artist at SiNaCa Studios
    Glassblowing Demonstration for SiNaCa’s Open Studio Night
    2017 Teaching Assistant for Scott Darlington and Shunji Omura at Pilchuck Glass School- Help students improve their hot glass sculpting skills.
    2016-2017 Lecturer
    University of Texas Arlington, Art foundations instructor.
    2013-2016 Enhanced Graduate Teaching Assistant in Glass
    University of Texas Arlington, Beginning glass instructor.
    2014 Graduate Lecture Series at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth Lecturer
    2013 Vetro Glassblowing assistant
    2011-2013 Glassblowing Educator at Hale Farm and Village
    Demonstrated glassblowing and explained the history of glassblowing in Ohio in the 1800’s.
    2011-2014 Summer Staff at Pilchuck Glass School
    Working as a kitchen coordinator overseeing kitchen assistants and making sure all tasks are completed to maintain a great working environment for the students and guests.
    2011 Teaching Assistant to Nadine Saylor at the Corning Museum of Glass
    Help students improve their skills to successfully achieve basic
    Glassblowing techniques.
    2009-2010 Glassblowing Assistant at Schmidt/Messenger Studios
    2009-2010 Glassblowing Assistant to Nadine Saylor

    EXHIBITIONS 2016 MFA Exhibition The University of Texas at Arlington’s Gallery
    2016 Ideas in Art Exhibition (Juried) Gallery West, Arlington, TX
    2015 SRISA Summer A Group Exhibition, Florence, Italy
    2015 “The Consortium,” A Warehouse at 500 Singleton, Dallas, TX, Group Show with graduate students from UTA, SMU, and UTD in conjunction with the Dallas Art Fair
    2015 500x Student Expo (Juried)
    500x Gallery, Dallas, TX
    2015 “Inanimate,” Gallery West, Group Show, Arlington, TX
    2015 Solo Exhibition titled “A Vulnerable State”
    Arlington, TX
    2015 “Wunderkrammer,” Gallery 343, Photography exhibition, Arlington, TX
    2014 International Student Online Exhibition
    2014 Group Exhibition, Nasad Review Exhibition,
    Gallery West, Arlington, TX
    2013 Group Exhibition, Alternative Reflection,
    The Basement Gallery, Dallas, TX
    2009 Glass Fashion Show, Glass Art Society Conference,
    Corning, New York
    Publication in Laura Donefer’s Glass Fashion Extravaganza

    REFERENCES Scott Darlington 614-634-0868
    Rob Stern 305-903-8566
    Darryl Lauster 713-498-0276

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