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Gwendolyn Hampton

Gwendolyn Hampton

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    Life is flowing over with good and bad experiences that can drastically change our perspective. Ideally, we would learn from these experiences by translating the lessons into positive actions and decisions. Unfortunately this is not always the case. In my first literary endeavor Relics Of A Woman (ROAW) I expose my life to public inspection with the hope that the reader will be inspired and empowered to make good, sound decisions. As a writer now publisher, I am humbled to help others speak their truths in books. Taking a stand for right thinking and living, I am motivated to encourage aspiring authors to follow their dreams and dust off their manuscripts.
  • Resume

    Relics Of A Woman (ROAW) - Gwendolyn Hampton
    Le’ TREATISE - Neverlyn Townsel
    The Girl Inside - Jaelyn Washington
    A Revolving & Evolving Mind - Kenneth C. Williamson
    Love, Life & The Pursuit of Happiness - Neverlyn Townsel
    THE LAST RECALL- Min Broadway Swim


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