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    My short stories explore the tensions and hypocrisies of growing up in the South. My pieces of short fiction attempt to juxtapose the religious faith of my youth with the reality of being an imperfect human being in Louisiana. I hope to highlight the contradictions between internal thoughts and external behaviors as they relate to the culture of appearances that we maintain in the South. Through my art I endeavor to open up sites of dialogue about shame, guilt, and the realization that maybe we don't need forgiveness for being human. My perspective on southern religious culture and behavior was formed by my experience of being a home schooled Mormon who loved punk rock and secretly breaking the rules, while at the same time desperately tried not to go to hell or get caught. My intention is to tell stories that put on display the cognitive dissonance young people face when trying to live up to familial and cultural expectations and being true to themselves at the same time.
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    PhD in Latin American and Iberian Literatures and Cultures from The University of Texas at Austin, 2017

    Creative Publications:
    "Mi Viaje Extraño", "Girl in the D.F.", "Querétaro" in Azahares 2010 (University of Arkansas Fort Smith)
    "7:14am Guadalupe", "Plumas, Suicidios, Bolaño y Anaranjado Quemado" in Pterodáctilo 2011 (The University of Texas at Austin)


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