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Gretchen Williams

Gretchen Williams

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    I am a former career graphic designer who is currently a full-time artist. Acrylic paint is my chosen medium because of its versatility. My work has a distinct textural finish that I create using a surprising amount of paint, considering the micro-size brushes I use for most of my work.

    When drawing or painting, I tend to sculpt with lines or strips of color that run along the contours of the elements in the picture. I also use the direction of the lines to lead the eye and keep the viewer focused on the subject.

    If I had to define the ultimate purpose or theme of my work, I would say it is to make beautiful paintings that people are drawn to look at, and keep going back to for another look. I love an artistic challenge and will rise to any occasion thrown my way.
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    Born in Kansas City, Missouri, I grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana. I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from Louisiana State University Shreveport in 1989. I lived and worked in Dallas as a graphic designer from 1990 until moving back to Shreveport in 2015.

    Throughout the years, I've kept busy doing art using various media, such as: textiles, metal & wood artifacts, old things, beads, paints, and clay. I have logged many hours in drawing and sculpting classes using live models. Being around other artists and working on my artistic skills during these classes really amps me up!

    Recently, I made the decision to focus on acrylic painting when I started getting requests to do pet portraits. I really like the style I'm developing. People say it's pretty unique. I hope you like it, too.


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