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    I am a former career graphic designer who is currently a full-time artist. Acrylic paint has been my chosen medium because of its versatility. Acrylics let me sculpt the painting with lines made by thin brushes. I think my paintings look like fabric, and that's probably because I love fabric and sewing.

    My new artwork is following a different muse. It is borne out of my concern for the amount of plastic I am using. This work consists of fabric sculptures filled with plastic that would have otherwise been thrown away. Just as important as the sculptures will be the website called "," which will be used to teach what I learn about the many faces of plastic.

    Nothing has ever inspired me more than the work I am doing now. I can't wait to see where this new mixed media project will take me. I have so many ideas and plans for it that I wish it would have found me sooner.
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    Born in Kansas City, Missouri, I grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana. I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from Louisiana State University Shreveport in 1989. I lived and worked in Dallas as a graphic designer from 1990 until moving back to Shreveport in 2015.

    Throughout the years, I've kept busy doing art using various media, such as: textiles, metal & wood artifacts, old things, beads, paints, and clay. I have logged many hours in drawing and sculpting classes using live models. Being around other artists and working on my artistic skills during these classes really amps me up!


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