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Lindsey Jones

Lindsey Jones

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    My current body of work explores tarot symbolism and how we read ourselves into the archetypes in a tarot deck. The High Priestess, the Hierophant, the Three of Swords; each have a set of characteristics that, when considered by an individual, reveal a meaning that may have not been apparent before.

    I hope to continue to explore the highly personal nature of tarot and other spiritual symbols and how individuals connect with and interpret them, depending on their state of mind and personal circumstances.

    I currently work mostly in acrylics, but have used embroidery and other textiles in my work.
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    Louisiana Tech University - Bachelor of Arts- Studio Art: 2012

    Spring 2012: Louisiana Tech University Senior Exhibition 2012 - non-juried
    March-May 2019: Critical Mass 7 - non-juried


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