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    Growing up in Louisiana, I started drawing mazes at age seven. It took years of drawing mazes and labyrinths before I took my first art classes with Ms. Hill in our small, country hometown. I was eleven years old at the time. This is where I began experimenting with oil and acrylic paints, creating still life pictures. I realized at a young age that I really enjoyed getting into my own free, visual world when I created a new piece. There is something special about staring at a blank canvas and then seeing the finished product that fills my heart with joy. I love to be in my studio listening to music while I enter into a new, creative world, over and over again. Today, I continue to grow with new ideas for mixed media, texturing and other forms of medium that is taking my art to a next level.

    In 2017, I gave a lot of thought into creating something smaller and different, but cool. After much thought and searching for ideas, it came to me. Palm Stones that I call “Luck Stones” and Magic Wands that I call “Imagiwands” (for imagination purposes). I decided to create Christmas gifts for friends and family and after I created thirteen wands, I shared them with my neighbor and she bought ten of them, immediately. Then I showed another friend the Luckstones and she bought almost all of them as gifts for her family. I was left with three wands, four stones and pondering. After that, I was hooked on something new and began to create more and more. The Luckstones and Imagiwands are my new craft in addition to acrylic abstract on canvas and oil and wax on wood panels.

    My greatest artist influences are Jackson Pollock and Pablo Picasso for their amazing abstract expressionism. I thrive to be similar, yet different in my own unique way, just as they once were for themselves and for everyone that has ever achieved feelings of any kind from their work.
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    -Started in the 7th grade drawing mazes on lined notebook paper
    -Attended Shrimp Festival in Goldona, Illinois where I had an art show selling paintings in 1999
    -Began 2000
    -Sold art in the Florida Keys and many art shows from 2002-2004
    -Art Fairs in Ft. Lauderdale Florida 2004-2006
    -Continues to sell art by word of mouth and online 2007-present
    -Created and produced music by the name "Revenseven" on Reverbnation and Soundcloud
    -Creates "imagiwands" as seen on
    -Creates "Luckstones" as seen on
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