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Lynne (Jan) Shehee

Lynne (Jan) Shehee

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    The Art of Recycling
    Lynn “Jan” Shehee

    Recyclable arts and crafter, Lynn “Jan” Shehee, is a native of Shreveport, born to Mr. & Mrs. Ivory/Marie Richardson Shehee. She recognized her gift at an early age and developed it through High School and College.
    Her Grandmother was a woman who had an artistic wisdom and musical talent which she imparted to Jan. She taught her the value of patience and how to explore her creativity. Her uncle, Elias “Blue” Richardson was also a source of inspiration.
    Jan was employed by Trans America Life Insurance Company in Los Angeles, California for twenty years. While in California, she participated in the art shows organized by the company. She won many awards acknowledging her special talents in crocheting, drawing, designing floral arrangements, and jewelry making.
    After retirement, Jan returned to Shreveport to care for her aging Mother. It was not long before she noticed her Mother’s creations and realized that her Mother made these things for household items that were recyclable instead of discarding them. From these observations, Jan’s idea was given birth. “Solution-to-Pollution” came to life!
    Her talents have been displayed in area libraries, The Shreveport Sun, and The Times.
    A special appreciation has been extended to her for the work she offered to the “Mercy Angels” project.
    She freely offers her God given talents to her community. She helps organize are programs and activities for recreation centers, after-school programs, and other organizations. Her tireless efforts to narrow our carbon footprint, improve this planet, benefit the world by recycling and using these items to decorate our everyday lives earns her the title of “Unsung Heroine”.
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    Exhibited in Mooretown Library, Broodmoor Library, Atkins Library, Shreve Memorial Library, Hollywood Union St. Library,The Good Life Health Store, Hollywood Hikes Center, Apple Park Recreational Center, AB Palmer, Southern University Library, Shreveport Green, Mike's Golden Lion, New China, and Shreve Memorial David Raines Library

    Featured in the Shreveport Times and Shreveport Sun


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