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Adam Jordan Garcia

Adam Jordan Garcia

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    Light has always been a fascination of mine. I love being in a dark room and watching light flow through a stained glass window; or walking under a street light on an abandoned, quiet night. The light is isolating and calming. It allows me to block out the noise of the world and focus on what is important. Many times I think about the people I love and the places I have been that hold significance to my past. These people and places are constantly changing despite the memories or images we have of them.


    I want my art to provide similar encounters. In my work I am using light as a transportation for the mind into a place of quiet reflection and meditation. The colors in my art are influenced by the specific people or places that I am thinking of as I am creating each piece. Sometimes I will add objects inside the light pieces that remind me of the person or place to create a sense memory sensation.

    In essence, these encounters serve as an escape from distraction, and a quiet space to simply be still and exist. The stillness and quiet of which is mostly lost in the modern world

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