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Yolanda Barnes

Yolanda Barnes

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    I am a native of Illinois and a recent resident of Louisiana. I started painting around 6 years ago when a neighbor threw out their art supplies and set them on the curb. I took it a sign that I should pursue my long held desire to paint. My theme is “I rise to create.” Art is just not what I do but comes out in every aspect of my life.
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    I raised 4 beautiful children that are each Artists in their own right. After my career as a full time homemaker and dressmaker, I transitioned into corporate life. I was a manager with AT&T for 17 years and led a rewarding career in mentoring individuals in leadership. I am now retired and pursuing my and everything associated with it. I recently published a children’s book called “Zion the Great!” I wrote it for my granddaughter Zion who is experiencing Alopecia.
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