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Rishard D. Lee

Rishard D. Lee

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    We all go through trials and tribulations in our lives. Situations and habitual teachings cause us to just deal with whatever we’re facing and try our best just to get through life. Like most, I’ve been through things that I was never able to heal from because I kept it silently hidden in my heart.
    Poetry has been therapy for me; an antidote to my life’s ailments. So, I write to speak when my heart cannot. I write for those who can’t find the words to. I write in hopes that someone is healed through my words.
    For me, poetry is much more than elegantly and creatively grouping words together. Poetry is life.
  • Resume

    Rishard D. Lee
    P. O. Box 38461
    Shreveport, LA 71133

    2016 Nubian Culture Presents ‘Dashiki Party’
    2017 The Best Me's Production's BBW Teaser
    2017 TruNiverse Productions 'Lyrical Compound Live'
    2017 Notebook Assassin's 'The Gentlemen's Notebook'
    2017 Restoring the Villages Associations' 'Community Clean-Up'
    2017 The Poetry Knack’s ‘Let’s Get It Knacking’
    2017 The Collective Presents 'Tis' The Session'
    2018 Trey Mack Presents ‘Have Fun’

    2nd Place in Mocha Blue Blaze’s Sing and Slam 2010
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