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    I am a Louisiana born artist, Shreveport resident and mother of Hudson, the cutest baby ever born. I taught theatre for 17 years (including scenic deisgn), traveled with Cirque Du Soleil and Hello Kitty as a wardrobe assistant, saw lots of fabulous sights that have inspired my work, and now I’ve gone back to my “roots” – the South and my art.

    I am addicted to pop culture, fashion and COLOR. I mix iconic figures of the past and present with fashions and fabrics of now, painting what I see from some of the most famous designers' runway shows. Gorgeous textiles and “girlie” flowers are combined with edgy pop stars and icons to create true conversation focal points.

    I love to use acrylics and certain mediums on LARGE canvases to create one of a kind pieces. In the last two years I have used epoxy resin as a final touch for all my pieces and it has become my favorite.

    Thanks for visiting and loving art as much as I do!
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