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    I have always taken a camera with me in my travels around the world, but I was a writer. Writing down everything, every day, every chance moment, but I soon realized that it was very difficult to find time to write about everything that I was experiencing, I began to not write at all. No blog sites back then...just pen and paper.

    At this point of my travels I should have been taking a film diary, but due to the fact that I was in places that didn't have mail, much less film, I only kept these experiences in my head! So…my photos were limited along with my writing.

    Now fast forward to 2012-a black and white film class using a REAL darkroom. The definition of REAL is trays of chemicals and negative enlargers to blow your photos up to be burned on your photo paper. This was my post processing! Even though I could pull a photo from a bad negative, taking photos from film made me take my time to get the shot right! You had to be right on the exposure, lighting, and composition. I didn’t have a screen on the back of the camera or a graph telling me whether or not exposure was correct and Photoshop was non-existent.

    The discipline of film has helped me to converge to digital. There are many ways and techniques through digital that were not even possible a few years ago and these ways are the ones I am trying to recreate through my eyes and vision of photo imagery. My photography has been called "edgy" to some degree, but my self proclamation is that I am NOT a wedding or portrait photographer. Everything else is fair game! I enjoy the pursuit of capturing images that satisfy my artistic nature and curiosity. I stated recently to a guest of my mobile gallery at a recent art festival "that when it trespassing, that means welcome!" I take photos for myself, and if something in one of those photos touches, brings a thought, or captures your imagination, I am thrilled!
  • Resume

    1. 2017 Red River Revel Artist
    Artistic Merit Award
    2. 2017 Holidaze Artspace Exhibition December 2017
    3. 2018 Critical Mass 6 Artist @ Artspace
    4. Exhibition Artist at Shreveport Regional Airport for Miss Teen USA and Miss USA Pageant 2018
    5. Red River Revel 2018 Artist
    September 28 - October 3


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